I have been considering lately taking my red, black and grey kitchen, dining, living space and overhauling it with a navy and white theme, with yellow accents. Putting it simply, yellow calls to me. And we all know how much I adore a good stripe. The idea came to me because of this throw blanket from Ikea.

We still need a new couch, so I want to decide by sometime this year whether to get a dark navy or a black couch. I want a big squichy couch and a funky chair or two. Places to kick back and relax. Other spots to sit up and talk. More spots to lay around and read. It could mean we say goodbye to the retro couch.But I’m sure we’ll find her a good home. Hubby thinks we could get the cushion redone. Again. I’m not so sure.

So with all of this in mind, I’m wondering, where would you start setting a budget for that. We aren’t going to need to paint or buy any non-chair related furniture {we will need to re-home the red leather dining chairs too}. Everything else will stay.

Hubby says it depends on the couch. He’s probably right. Any ideas?

  • Jos Parkinson

    I think hubby is right, start with a lounge & then go from there. Once you have the lounge in the room, you can see a vision of what you want. There are a few programs for this. I got a disk a few years back from Better Homes & Gardens where you can play around a little to get the feel for what you want. I think bright yellow pillows oon a navy couch would look awesome! I just recovered my lounge suit in denim & I am in love with it.

    • Jos Parkinson

      suite not suit!!  😉

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Couch it is. Navy and yellow are one of my fav combo’s. I’m thinking it might have to be black though, forgot about the great wall of Ikea being gloss black. Thanks Jos.

  • Kyliemaywalker

    I would get covers for your dining chairs if they are Ikea ones Ikea usually have them to fit perfectly much cheaper than replacing the whole chair you can change your colour scheme more than once and even have stripes on your chairs how cool would that be

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      The chairs aren’t Ikea but I bet they’d fit. This is SUCH a good idea. Good thinking 99.

  • rinniez13

    Just had the best idea! The Voice finale party at sugers house! *wink wink* *nudge nudge* hahaha. I know zilch about furniture and decorating, so nothing more helpful then this to comment! 🙂 xx

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      For sure, come on over. I’ll boot hubby out and we’ll have a girls night. 😀

  • I would start collecting images and put togethor a mood board, so you have a bit of a clearer direction, because redecorating can be expensive if you don’t have a good idea of what you are after. Loose covers are a great idea for your dining chairs – if you decide that you really do want to sell them after all it will be a value add that will bring a higher price anyway. I also think you need a rug. Just saying…:)

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      The mood board is a fab idea. I do tend to rush into these things and buy items I don’t need or want. Not really anyway.

      I think covers are going to be the go.