It’s been almost two months now since I first though, hmmm, I wouldn’t mind a cupcake. No just any cupcake. But a cupcake cupcake. Beautifully baked cake, perfect icing lovingly applied. Perhaps some decoration on the top. A thing of beauty cupcake. The thought crosses my mind every now and again. I think about a cupcake. But still, I haven’t had one. Now whhhhhhy, you’re probably asking? Or maybe you think you know. Let me tell you more about that.

Firstly. It’s not a diet thing. It’s not even a sugar thing. One cupcake is not going to sink this ship. I’m a fan of the whole everything in moderation thing. Even if I don’t think that necessarily includes sugar. If I want a cupcake. One beautiful cupcake. Well I’m going to have it. Enjoy it. Record the WW points. Drink lots of water. And have it. So that’s not the hold up.

It’s not even that I couldn’t bake one. I probably could. It wouldn’t be the piece of perfection I imagine my dream cupcake to be. Probably. And then, I’d be disappointed. And I’d have to feed my Hubby the remaining batch of cupcakes. Or I could do that single cupcake thing like the lady in Bridesmaids. but that scene always seemed so sad and lonely to me. So no matter how hard I’m crushing on a cupcake, I just couldn’t be bothered to try.

Which brings us to the REAL reason. There are shops here. Lots of them. There are cafes and restaurants and speciality bakeries. Lots of places sell cake. Cakes, slices, biscuits and other sweeties. none of which interest me in the slightest. Because, as you might remember I am on a mission for one, delightful, colourful, light and fluffy and wonderful cupcake. And so far, in my whooooole town, I’ve found none. Because supermarket cupcakes don’t count. I even went to the MARKETS for goodness sake. But some cupcake heffers beat me to them all.

Ok, I may have slept in.

Anyway. that’s beside the point. There is a gaping gap in the market place. Not a single cupcake in this whole town. Who came up with this plan. Seriously, you city people have no idea how lucky you are to just be wandering down the street and be like, oh hey, cupcake store. No thanks. Not today. Gosh. Talk about blind to your blessings. Are YOU blind to their beauty and charm now? Do you ever stop to smell the cupcakes? Well do you?

So here I am. Dreaming of a beautiful vanilla, or maybe lemon, cupcake.

I just want one.

Only one.

And then I’ll be done with the whole idea.

My hunger will be satisfied.


And that will be it.

Sigh. Cupcakes. Why you so pretty?

Please tell me you get like this sometime. Seriously. Tell me I’m not the only one. Maybe you feel this way about wine too. Just a bit. Or not. Whatever. Tell me and make me feel less cookoo craaaazy. 

  • tatum

    I saved myself for Magnolia bakery cupcakes in New York. I understand, if a cupcake isnt mindblowing its lot actually worth eating. Thankfully they were amazing and totally worth the wait. It’s probably mean just mentioning it though. Sorry. I hope you find the cupcake of your dreams before you don’t even want it anymore 🙂 Tatum xx

    • Thanks Tatum. Me too. And yeeees, this story was NOT helpful. At all. Haha.

  • Amy

    I get this, but about pork ribs. Nobody in Brisbane makes really, really good pork ribs. I had some amazing ones in Sydney and now nothing even comes close. I keep ordering them when we go out, and I keep being disappointed.
    Try and hold out for a good cupcake, it’ll be worth it!

  • Stinkb0mb

    Do I need to move to Gympie & open up a cupcake store?

    P.S. I made cupcakes last night, with coffee butter icing – yuuuuuuum. Sorry, that was cruel wasn’t it ;-P

    • YES! that would be lovely. Can you be dressed as a pin up lady with an apron and ruby red lips too please? That would be the ultimate. And then we can hang out, have coffee and chat. Nice.

      And yes, it was A LITTLE cruel. 😉

  • sheribombblog

    I SO get this! Happens to me all the time with all kinds of different foods. Most recently I had been craving sushi. But not just ANY sushi, PROPER,sit down, browse the selection, slowly enjoy, Sushi Train kind of sushi. Seriously, been craving for WEEKS. Finally got the chance on Tuesday and it was a bit of a disappointment. Very sad 🙁

  • bahaha.. I totally blogged about this a while ago, but I ended up making mine (which are so much better than the store bought ones!)

  • I do. I get like this often. Especially with food. Thing is, when I finally get what I am craving, it’s usually not as good as I expected. But this cupcake thing? Yeah, I have a craving for one now. Thanks. And while we don’t live too far from the city I can tell you there are no cupcake stores around here. Nope. Maybe a cafe? But they’re just not the same are they?

    • It’s funny, isn’t it. How much you can just get your mind SET on something?
      Not the same, at all, unfortunately.

  • Lara @ This Charming Mum

    I can totally relate, not for cupcakes though (although the one in your picture looks pretty awesome) but for chocolate. Unfortunately no matter where you live you’re likely to be able to source some! Like you, I’m counting WW points right now which is kind of empowering (I can have it if I want etc…) but as some others have said, the longer I live without it, the more it’s actually a bit of a disappointment when I finally give in!

    • So true! Chocolate is everywhere my friend. Not all of the same quality though. I’d be a bit sad if it didn’t live up to the expectation. I’ll let you know.

  • Lisa Barton-Collins

    Oooh I soooo get this. There is no point having a lesser imposter because it will not stop the cravings. I know. I normally get this about wonton noodle soup, and heaven help the person who orders the wrong kind. Because combination soup, is NOT wonton noodle soup.
    I hate to tell you but even though cupcakes are not my thing, today at a blogger brainstorm session I had a delicious vanilla lemon cupcake, with lemon butter cream frosting. It was home made, but beautifully packaged, and was in a cupcake case that said ‘Eat more cake’ at the bottom, so you didn’t see it until you had peeled the paper off. I heard it was a packet mix…just sayin…

    • Oh. MY. Goodness. Really!? Lemon vanilla cupcakes with lemon butter cream. ARE YOU FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME. At a blog thing. It’s like, my perfect moment, right there. Eat more cake indeed. Haha.

  • LittleLadyBug

    I just laughed so hard. Because I totally understand your dire need to have a delicious and extremely satisfying cupcake store cupcake.