I believe that being happy is a practice. A way of living that with enough practice anyone can do. There are exceptions, of course, there always are but for the most part happy just takes a little practise. I was stalking the web, as I do, and I came across this post from over 6 months ago and it made a list of 22 things happy people do differently. I loved it. I disagreed sometimes. But mostly I loved it. It was a practice makes perfect guide to being a happier person.

It got me thinking about what it is I would recommend to being a happier person. A person who tends towards to the lighter side of life. Someone who can find joy in a messy house and impossible situation. What would I say are my top tips? So I did what Bloggers do and I wrote this post so I could decide.

My top 5 tips to being a happier person are;

  1. Let it go. There are things, people, situations in this life that even if you were to go up against them every single day of the rest of your life they wouldn’t change. Do yourself a favour and just accept that’s the way it is. It’s time for you to either move on or enjoy the good bits from the situation. They are the bits that have had you hang around this long.
  2. Laugh with your mouth open. For a long time, I’m not sure when it started, I would cover my mouth when I laughed. Or do a sort of closed mouth chuckle. It was weird. Someone asked me about it one day and I said I didn’t know why I did it, but I assumed it was to muffle my rather loud laugh. Why the hell would you want to do that, they said? Why indeed. Laugh with your head back and your mouth open, it makes the funny things better.
  3. Get MORE sleep. Lots of it. As much as you can. It is SO much easier to be happy when you’ve had enough sleep to function like a human being does. This could mean going to bed an hour earlier, grabbing an afternoon power nap or enjoying long lazy mornings. Whatever, get more sleep! And I’m hearing you, sometimes that’s not possible. Try the power nap. It works a charm.
  4. Be nice to people. I find that when I’m out there being a nice person, I feel better about myself. And I’m not talking the sort of nice that sees you walked all over and leaves you feeling bad. I mean the sort of nice that has you use your manners, exercise patience and be generous with your opinion of others. Even if the only kick you really get deep down is what a wonderful person you are, it’s worth a giggle.
  5. Express yourself. Sometimes your happy can be tied to a certain situation. There might be something going on and all you can do is feel bad about it. It sucks the happy right out of you. These times are tricky and sometimes all it takes to expressing that blah feeling. It could be having a conversation you’ve been putting off to resolve the situation or it could be telling a friend about it. Either way, you’ll find communicating and expressing yourself is a great way to restore the happy in your life.

So that’s my list! THE things I think will make a difference to your practice of being happy. Or happier as the case may be. By no means a definitive list but it should absolutely get you started. Now I have some questions for you… What do you think makes a happy person happy? Do you think it takes practice? or is the ‘happy gene’ something people are born with?


  • sydneyshopgirl


    SSG xxx

  • Fantastic!

  • Being really, truly grateful. Not just in an “I’m grateful for a place to live, food on my table (though that’s sometimes a good start!) but about the stuff that matters. And content. And all the things you mentioned! When you break it down, it’s often so much simpler than people thing 🙂

  • Amy Wells

    You know what? I agree that being happy is a practiced thing, especially in the Western world. I decided a few months ago that I was going to try and appreciate the good things in my life, no matter how small, to intentionally take notice of them. And now I find I AM happier, and generally more calm and content….

    • Such great advice, being grateful makes for a happy life. A contented life. Absolutely.

  • Gayel @ Modern Mummy Mayhem

    Oh get more sleep !! Yes yes yes. But in saying that … I think I have only recently found happiness and that is a result of expressing myself … And that has involved later bed times lol!

    • YES! I’m the worst at this. Sleep eludes me at night! That’s why I nap. Glad to hear you found your happy.

  • Gin @ ginplustonic

    LOVE this! This is the perfect little list. If I was going to get a mindful tattoo, this list is the one I’d get.

  • Rhiannon Kimberley

    Taking time to work on yourself is important in being a happy person! I enjoy sitting on a quiet bus, looking out the window at the world in all it’s beauty. I could watch it all day. or laying in the dark with some candles burning!

    • I think so. Taking the time to investigate how you tick does wonders, to a point. Laying in the dark, when I don’t have to sleep, is the best.

  • Gi Csome

    I think that trying to find the possitive on every situation is a big part of daily happiness. Sometimes it´s not easy -sometimes something happens and at first all you can feel is sad. But looking for the positive and having a good laugh everytime you can -in my opinion, there´s no way to be happy without it.

    • I think you’re right. Taking the positives is such a great practice to get a smile on your dial and yourself moving forward.

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