There’s something that has been a constant for me pretty much my whole life. I’ve been healthy. Big, but healthy. Fat, but healthy. The most time I’ve spent in hospital is probably the time with my Mother for my birth {or visiting, but that’s a different story}.  I’ve never broken a bone. Haven’t required stitches. Healthy as a horse, that’s me. Tonsillitis is probably the most prevalent complaint and these days I get 6 months between bouts.

Touch wood.

I’m grateful for that. Grateful for my body, for my health and for the sturdy stock I come from. Grateful that my body has performed on request in all areas bar one. And I’m pretty excited that as I head towards 30 I am focused on healthy living which feels like the right thing to do to say thanks for this. thanks for years of holding up your end of the bargain. I got this.

Health – tick!

  • ProdigalCathode
  • river

    I’ve been pretty healthy too, never broken a bone, only needed stitches twice after births and again after the hysterectomy. The thing is, I rarely get sick, no colds and flu, no tummy bugs except that one at christmas/new year 2010/2011. Unfortunately, I DO have arthritis and varicose veins.

    • I think acknowledgements must be made when our bodies serve us well. Which is sounds like yours has done, with the two obvious exceptions.

  • Kacie Stephens

    Your body really is your temple!

  • I love that you have good health and appreciate it. As someone who has health issues it is nice to see someone who appreciates their good health rather than taking it for granted x

    • Thank you. I think it’s important to acknowledge and be grateful for what you’ve got.