I actually met the brains behind the 17 Sundays brand in Melbourne when I was there attending Blogopolis in 2011. We chatted as the dressed my roomie Caitlin for the conference. Their brand got my attention with their knits and attention to detail. To be honest, at first I though they were just too funky for me. I’m a bit of a Nana in a lot of ways. But those knits and later the coloured jeans stuck in my head.

The Just For Now knit tunic is a perfect addition to my wardrobe and I’m sure you can see why. In the one day I wore it casual over a slim fit maxi dress for coffee, with boots and an under shirt to go out to a hockey game and dressed up with leggings and heels for after. It’s just as light weight and beautifully made as I remembered. Short version I’m about the happiest kid in the world that they sent me this. The short version is that this is a quality product by an Australian brand that could use your support and all that. Look to them for statement, quality pieces. You won’t be disappointed

Just For Now Knit Tunic – 17 Sundays {gifted}

Leggings – Avella for BigW

Heels – Torrid

{Tunic gifted for editorial consideration, please refer to my disclosure policy}

  • is that an accessory I spy. Squeals with giddy excitement =D Love your hair out like that. Gorgeous colouring.

    • Haha. Yes, yes it is! I genuinely just don’t own many and don’t have the budget to expand the collection. In time though, maybe. 😉

      Thanks, my cousin does my hair and she’s an amazing hairdresser.

  • Okay, so I’m more than a little a love with this outfit. And you look like a smokin fox! Your hair looks mad like that! X

    • Thanks Liv. I’m all kinds of in love with this comment. I’m vain like that. Ha.

  • Oh that’s the first one you’ve posted that I don’t like! The back shot is seethrough, I can see your bra, pants, and back. Yuck! Unless maybe you wore a singlet under it.

    • Well geez, Ms K, tell me what you really think! HA.

      • LOL Yeah, you’re right 😛 Maybe I should have thought about the wording of that one a bit more. I love your blog, and you – honestly, didn’t actually mean to be rude!!! Sorry!

  • I love that tunic. ANd the moody three quarter head shot is so pretty!! Love your hair in these too. Imma totes pumping up your ego today!!!! BUT ITS ALL TRUE.